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Getting Involved

I am writing you to share a burden and spread the word regarding a serious issue in this nation.

Some of you may be aware that a child is reported missing approximately every forty seconds in this nation. About 1 in 3 young girls and 1 in 6 boys is thought to have been sexually abused and sadly an alarming number of our children suffer other forms of physical and mental abuse; some have even been murdered.

Though the circumstances for each of these children may vary, the urgency in finding and supporting these children and getting them to a safe environment is the same.

Saving Our Children is an organization that focuses on raising awareness of the growing dilemma within the African American community. There are so many of our children that do not make the news and aren't on flyers. There are so many that suffer in silence and so many that need our help.

As one who has experienced abuse as a child I know what it is like to feel isolated, even if it is not the case. My pain was by the hands of a neighbor and friend of the family but like so many I kept the truth a secret until adulthood because of fear, shame, and embarrassment. In time the Lord healed the wounds but it was a battle! My desire is that our children, whether abandoned or abused, will receive the much needed love and support they need so they will be located if missing, loved if abandoned, healed if hurting, and protected from the hands of those who would harm them.

We have heard the saying but do we really realize that our children are the future of this nation and the world. If we do not sow into them today, we rob them of the opportunity for a tomorrow filled with promise.

Consider the hurting families who have to cope with the pain of a missing child. We tend to think that some issues are far from us but this can happen to anyone.

I want to ask those who will to make a commitment to actively fight for our children. You don't have to do a lot to make a huge difference. Sometimes the simplest things have the greatest impact. What some things can you do? Encourage those who are parents to keep an updated photo identification of their children. There are schools and other organizations that offer fingerprinting and DNA ID for young children. If you have young children consider obtain this type of ID. Talk to your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and god-children and let them know that they can tell someone if an adult handles them in an inappropriate manner. Help spread word and keep your eyes open if you do happen to see a report or AMBER alert. Your eyes are valuable.

And by all means pray for our children and this nation. Prayer is always appropriate. These are but a few things you can do to help.

God bless,

Christy Poindexter