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Protect Your Child

  • Don't let your child wear clothing with his or her name on it. Children are less likely to fear someone who knows their name.

  • Never leave your child alone in a public place, even in a locked car. Accompany a young child to the bathroom in a public place. Instruct them to never play in or around public restrooms. It can only take a moment for an abduction to occur.

  • Accompany your child on door-to-door activities like Halloween and school fundraising campaigns.

  • Keep track of your children's Internet activity. Share email accounts and passwords. Make sure you know what sites they visit and if they meet anyone suspicious while online.

  • Avoid having service people come to the home if your children are there alone.

  • Establish safe houses where your child can go if in trouble. A safe house can be the home of a trusted friend or some other trusted individual in the neighborhood who agrees to let children make emergency calls.

  • Teach them that the police are their friends and that they can rely on them if they are in trouble. Make sure they know to dial 911 or 0 if they need assistance.

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