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Teenage Domestic Abuse

When I was 15 yrs old I started dating a guy who was 18 yrs old. We dated for 3 yrs. The first year was wonderful. I thought we were inseparable, no one could come between us. Well..going into our relationship the... 2nd yr things started to change. I noticed he started asking me where I was going, how long I would be gone, who I was with etc. I thought nothing of it. I actually thought it was out of concern. Then one day out the blue he found out I wasn't where I said I would be at the time he was looking for me. He came to my friend's house yelling for me to come out. At this point I was scared to go outside because I had never seen him act this way. Eventually I went outside and he grabbed me and put me in the car. He proceeded to yell at me and then before I knew it he reached over and hit me right in the eye. I couldn't belive it! He told me he was sorry and would never do it again. His reason was "I love you" and didn't want me to leave him.

From that day forward he continued to get worse with his possessiveness and jealousy. This continued on for months with us fighting back and forth, him following me where ever I went, harrasing my friends, stalking my parents' home. His apologies didn't mean anything anymore.

My parents ended up filing a police report and talked some sense into me. It took me awhile to get over him because he was my first love.

Ladies, please don't allow a man to tell you what to do, run your life, put his hands on you. Love yourself!

I was a victim of domestic abuse and thank God I had moral support in my corner and woke up before it was too late.