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Testimonies of Peas in Their Pods

I was minding my own business when The voice of God came to me and gave me my design calling. Peas In Their Pods. Here we are bringing awareness of the plight of our missing children. Waiting for God to continue to open doors. - Janice

As for what brought me to Peas In Their Pods was nothing shy of a purpose and a plan that our Father had. It first started with MySpace..lol...what a start. I was sent a request to be Peas In Their Pod's friend, which of course I accepted. It would sadden me to go on this page and see all of the missing and murdered children to the point of tears. One day after several communications I was asked to be a guest on the blog talk radio show...I wasn't really sure of what I was supposed to be doing, but I agreed. Just a week shy of doing the show after several communications about what would take place, the question would be asked if I could give my personal views or experience on the effects of molestation..."oh my gosh, was it that obvious I thought"....but it was like a tap on my shoulder and voice whispering in my ear that told me to move forward this would be something that I would have to do. So without thinking about it any further I done it...not holding back anything, but names. It would be the first beginning of me with Peas In Their Pods.

Almost a year later, I was asked to join the staff of Peas In Their Pods, playing in the background, which I first would shy away from...pure nervousness. Several months would pass before I actually stopped and committed myself to be a part of the organization that would allow me to take the first step in getting beyond the past that has so tragically marked my life for the rest of my life. This was the organization that had allowed me to tell my story and ultimately been the blessing that had helped a 17-year-old girl that was going through it have the courage to say something to someone and be helped. I had to do this...this may be a part of my purpose, so here I am...soaking in everything that I possibly can. I am blessed to be a part of something so great, something that ultimately has been what was the pivotal moment in my life. Thank you Momma Jan, thank you Peas In Their Pods. - Paula

What drew me to Peas in their Pod was just knowing that this is a group that is genuinely concerned and is doing something in a positive manner to help the abuse, neglected and missing children in this country.

Having worked as a Guadian ad Litem for the Jacksonville District Court system, I had many cases where I had to make judgment calls on whether children should be returned to their biological parents or guardians. Some of the abusive situations I encountered were unbelievable, but thank God, I worked with judges who listened to the decisions and recommendations.

Also being the grandmother of twenty children, and now two great grands, I love children of all ages. My heart goes out to them, as we often forget they are children and are not viewing life as we think they should. We have to train them, but most importantly raise them with a foundation in the Lord. I have found that this effort alone will make a great difference as to how this child will turn out. - Yvonne

I was invited to Peas In Their Pods by Gina Cade and I really didn't know what it details. My first impression was it was a website catering to children. I didn't begin to read the blogs or anything like that for a minute. I went to Daughter of Hannah because that was what I was invited too. One Day I got a e-mail about a child be missing and I log on and my eyes where open to the plight of our children and the exploitation of them. My heart immediately bleed from the blogs and I began to pray and I could see an extension of “Pray NOW” ministry for I had more children to pray for to call on Jesus name as a representative for voices unheard. Children who were missing and needed prayer and someone to help; so I came out of my comfort zone and began to dig deeper into Peas in Their Pods. This is about the time Janice came along and requested little things from me and I felt a great need to help on a greater level. So that is where I am at today not only interceding for our children but holding on to hope for their safe return. I get so excited when I get the e-mail this child was found and that one, this gives me great satisfaction and joy. I read the blogs and I think who would hurt this precious child. So this is how I came to Peas In Their Pods you can say God order my steps to a place where I could be used to bring many children home safely. - Evangelist Annette

I joined this site because I have a passion for kids. And I have a 2 year old daughter. It hurts when I watch a show and here in Garner NC we have a Alert that stops our show and talks about a missing child. I always wanted to do something to help the missing kids and I didn't know how until Prophetess Nixon told me about Peas In Their Pods. When she told me I was like wow, and I went and join the site. To help others find missing children. - Shrita

As a School Psychologist, I have spent my entire life crusading for children's rights. This is what prompted me to click on a Myspace page dedicated to spreading awareness about a largely unknown epidemic. I requested an online friendship, and a year and a half later I can say that it developed into a real and tangible friendship. Were it not for Jan, I may never have realized that African American children do not receive adequate media coverage when they are missing. I had presumed that all kids were treated the same regardless of race when the unthinkable occurs. However, I learned that this is not so. After being armed with this information, I felt compelled to do something...to help in any way. I could not conceive of not doing anything. I kept asking myself the question, "What if it was my child missing?" I would want everyone to everything possible to help me find them! Thus, my passion for children lead me to PITP, but my dedication to making the world a better place for ALL children has kept me active in the organization. - Gaetane

Well, a phone call from two women, Jan and Gaetane, asking me to speak on their radio show. Our first phone conversation revealed that we were all on the same page in terms of how children everywhere need protection and advocacy, especially when they cannot advocate for themselves. After that first radio show, I realized I couldn't just let go of these two women and wanted to help spread their message to families everywhere. Though we've never met in person, I feel like I've known them forever -- their hearts and the spirit in which they tirelessly work for missing children is nothing short of a miracle. - Pattie

What brought me to Peas in their Pods....ah...you did big sis.....Moble

The Love for our children who are need of our help and our CEO Jan. - Pastor Nixon

To be an advocate for finding / having a voice for missing children. - Gina

The Lord lead me to Peas in their Pods. When you were Saving Our Children. We found each other in myspace, I was God lead. - April.

For me there was a couple of things that made me want to join Peas In Their Pods. The first one was you. You and I had become social ning friends and I reading everything you had posted on your page about these children and wanted the slide show and music on m pages. You cause touched my heart. For years we had heard about these children that were missing and exploited but for me your love and desire to help find these children made me want to be a part of this group of dedicated people. The second reason for me is a little missing boy who appears in the slide show. His name is Ajdi Desir. His funny smile captured my heart. I look at him daily and it's like he speaks to my heart. If my joining and giving of my time will help find him, I had no other choice but to join. The most important reason for me is, I believe that this is what God wants me to do. - Michelle

I believe that sometimes God does send you to unfamiliar territory in order for each of us to see what happens when the good at heart assemble in bringing awareness to the concerns of His heart. Peas In Their Pods was a eye opening experience to me, I had no idea the magnitude of what is happening to our children on a daily basis, why because they were not getting the attention that is so deserving. The committment in getting the children faces and stories is the only way that this would be, and without Peas In Their Pods I don't think that I would still have any idea what was taking place. If I don't get a e-mail from anyone else on a daily basis I know that whether it is good news or bad news Peas In Their Pods would be letting the world know everytime one of our children have come into the hands of one who wouldn't love them but would take some kind of action against resulting in death or never to be found again. I have two grandchildren of my own, and if anything would ever happen to them, I know that Peas In Their Pods would make sure that someone would see their faces, and they would know and understand that it is a matter of life and or death. - Denise

Actually, I was looking to join someone else's network. Somehow, I must have mistaken PITP for the other network? Anyway, I am glad that I stumbled across Peas In The Pod because due to the nature of my job, I travel. Who knows, I just might spot one of these missing children. - Dorothea