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"What If" Game

You say to your child: "What if we were out at the store and you looked around and you couldn't see me? Who would you go to for help?"

Your child might answer: "A policeman."

"That's right, you could go to a policeman. But if you didn't see a policeman nearby could you go to the cashier?"

"And if you didn't see a cashier, could you go to a mom with kids? Sure you could."

"And how could you ask for help? Could you tell the cashier your full name, and then say, 'Can you help me find my mom?'"

"Okay, so you've asked someone for help. Now you need to stay there and wait until I come and get you. Can you do that?"

"What if someone tried to make you go with him? What could you do then?"

"That's right! Yell and scream. Yell 'No, you're not my dad (mom)!' Can you do that? Let's practice it together!"

This is the first and most important lesson in abduction prevention. It teaches a child to assess the situation, decide to seek help, find a safe person to ask for help, how to ask, how not to be lured away, and how to yell, "No!"